About the Clothesline
Diet Club


Until 1999 Karen was a stay at home mum, who took care of her young children at the time, cooked and cleaned and maintained the household. But her struggles with weight grew with her from when she was a child. In 1999, she decided to change her life and take matters into her own hands and started losing weight, by walking around the clothesline in her back yard and creating a simple eating plan. She lost a total of 67kg in 13 months by doing it all on her own.

Karen then went on to write and publish 4 books, The Clothesline Diet (A Best Seller and in the top 10 ten for more than 12 weeks), The Clothesline Diet Club (also a Best Seller making it into the top 10 best seller list for 4 weeks), Why Can’t I Lose Weight and a revised edition of The Clothesline Diet which was also launched into the U.S.A.

Now the Clothesline Diet Club is a franchise, born out of the vision of Karen Gatt.


Franchise to set to explode internationally


With Obesity fast becoming one of the worlds “biggest” health issues, with many women, men and teenagers now looking for a “safe haven” to try and get fit in and with an oversupply of traditional “gyms” the time is right for The Clothesline Diet Club to explode its brand internationally. People have flocked from all over the western suburbs of Melbourne to join up and become members of the club. With the growing demand of people wanting to achieve results, just the same as Karen did. Karen has developed a strategy which continues to prove a success, providing amazing results. Now the brand is launching Clubs across Australia and then internationally.

Helping Others on making a difference

The Clothesline Diet Club is founded on the principle of helping others to lose weight, gain self-esteem and have happier and healthier lives. Karen Gatt believes that franchising her “Dream” will see lives changed and families transformed. Making a difference in the lives of others is what gets Karen Gatt up in the morning!