As part of the desire of Karen and Jason Gatt to make the franchise model affordable and easy to set up, the upfront franchise fee including all training is just $49,000 + gst. The cost to fit out and decorate a typical Clothesline Diet Club premises is less than $50,000, if you add legal costs for the documents of $2500 + gst plus other nominal costs it makes The Clothesline Diet Club a less than $120k investment. Compared to the $400K + asked by some other “gym franchises”

Club Size

The ideal location for a Clothesline Diet Club is in a factory style building of appox 500 sq mt. Under the building code anything over 500 sq mt requires sprinkler systems etc which will likely increase the overall occupancy costs Depending on the location and the asking rental this could increase in size but no more than 600 sq mt is required.


The standard term of the franchise is 5 years and with two further terms of 5 years each. No additional franchise fee is charged upon renewal.


The Clothesline Diet Club has a detailed club operations system which requires no complicated computer programs, but simple proven methods to operate a successful club. A very detailed activity program and marketing strategy is provided, along with all the tools to grow the club membership.

Full training is delivered by the management team over an initial 2-day club orientation and further 3-day workshop. Once your club is set up, Karen and Jason Gatt will work with you daily in the first two weeks to ensure a smooth implementation of all TCDC process and policies.


The foundation of The Clothesline Diet Club is through support and encouragement to its members that anyone can do it if they want to. This support extends to franchisees on a daily basis with regular updates, Webinars, Club visits by Karen or Jason or one of the team, as well as ongoing nutritional and marketing support and strong strategic branding. TCDC has a franchise support team dedicated to the success of the network. They bring to the TCDC brand years of experience in their field. They are passionate about quality and ensure this extends into all aspects of the business including the way all franchisees are valued and supported every step of the way.

Steps to become Franchise

Step 1 Make an enquiry
Step 2 Receive initial information and sign confidentiality
Step 3 Obtain franchisee info pack
Step 4 Initial phone/skype interview
Step 5 Make an application and pay deposit
Step 6 Receive disclosure document
Step 7 Investigate the franchise
Step 8 Study options/ locations etc
Step 9 2nd meeting – confirm territory/site
Step 10 Seek legal advice/ accounting advice
confirm business structure /Pty Ltd company
Step 11 Obtain finance approval if required
Step 12 Make franchise offer
Step 13 Secure site/ lease etc
Step 14 Receive “final disclosure” and signing documents
Step 15 Sign agreements and pay franchise fees etc ( you must wait a clear 14 days after receipt of final documents before signing.)
Step 16 Complete fitout of club
Step 17 Two weeks trainin
Step 18 Club opens for business

Contact Us

Call Karen Wren +61 419 155 758 or Steve Wren +61 433 288 373

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