About Karen Gatt and her Healthy
Weight loss


At twenty-six years old in 1999, with two toddlers to care for, Karen Gatt weighed nearly 140 kilograms. She had tried diet after diet, only to find the scale tipping ever higher. Depressed and disgusted with herself, Karen was at the breaking point. It was time to change her life. Rarely able to walk to the mailbox, she forced herself to walk around the clothesline in her backyard every day. She cleaned out her cupboards and designed a healthy, easy-to-follow eating plan. And in just one year she walked off an incredible 67 kilograms! Today Karen is a new woman. She has kept the weight off since the year 2000, formed a facility called The Clothesline Diet Club and her diet has helped thousands of people all over the world lose weight for good – with no pills, no potions and no gimmicks. The Clothesline Diet Club is now an Australian icon and set to expand across the globe.

History of the model


The business first kicked off in 2001 with the name; A Gift of Life is Believing trading as A Gift of Life is Believing, to operate support groups and exercise sessions. The founder, Karen Gatt then published her first book, The Clothesline Diet which was released in 2002. The success of her sessions, inspired the publishing of her 2nd book The Clothesline Diet Club. This also inspired a name change to the business in 2003, registered as The Clothesline Diet Club, trading as The Clothesline Diet Club. A Gift of Life is Believing was then de-registered and the business transferred over to The Clothesline Diet Club.

In 2010 The Clothesline Diet Club was finally registered as a company, in order to carry out business in the U.S.A and to expand services in Australia.

From 2001 to 2011, the support groups and exercise sessions saw more than 12,000 people pass in and out of the doors.

From 2011 to 2015, the company primarily traded book sales throughout Australia and U.S.A. During this time, the Director; Karen Gatt became a personal trainer and started training individuals one on one, but clientele grew to the point that a facility was required, instead of home gyms and hiring halls.

In 2015, The Clothesline Diet Club opened its first own weight loss facility. Since opening, the club has seen more than 180 clients sign up to memberships. It has also provided an environment where people whom may be overweight or obese, feel comfortable to exercise without feeling intimidated or embarrassed. The club has seen some amazing results and continues to do so.

The main mechanics of the club is the strategic placement of gym equipment for the purpose of conducting circuit classes. It contains an outer ring/circle/rectangle containing cardio equipment, and inner ring/circle/rectangle containing strength training equipment and an inner section for core training in 3 minute intervals. No heavy weights are used, so no body building or weight lifting. The facility also provides many instructors led classes such as Zumba, Body Combat, Thai-Bo, Meditation, Nutrition classes etc. It is purely focused on people losing weight and becoming fit and healthy.

Plan to Expand


Karen Gatt’s story is one of overcoming fear and rejection and in achieving the seemingly impossible. From humble beginnings and a continual focus on improvement Karen and Jason Gatt have created a business model that is unique and in an industry that is exploding.

Having spent years on refining all aspects of the Clothesline Diet Club business and on the training and systems required to replicate the model, Karen Gatt has a plan to open a Club in every major city in Australia and with multiple locations in all state capitals.

One of Australia’s best franchise development teams has come on board to manage the roll out and to find the very best franchisees wherever you may be!!